SM008 – Benefit of the Doubt – Sheet Music

Benefit of the Doubt
Written by Lenny Solomon

You’re always accusing you don’t think twice,
I hear all your comments and your bad advice,
You told me your bark is worse than your bite,
You told me you didn’t really want to fight.

It’s no excuse for losing control,
This constant battle is taking its toll,
Listen closely to what I’ve said,
Maybe this time you’ll get it in your head to,

Chorus:Give us the benefit of the doubt.
Cool down, relax we can reason this out.
Take off the gloves, you don’t have to shout.
Give us the benefit of the doubt.

You’ve said things to people which run real deep,
The hurt doesn’t leave when you go to sleep,
It sits and it lingers waiting to explode,
So don’t be surprised when its time to off-load.

What are you getting so excited about,
You’ll live a little longer if you sit this one out,
Blood pressure rising it’s a stress overload,
Wait a minute now just change your mode and,…..Chorus….

Do you really feel better,after you’ve cut us down,
Hold on just a moment longer, stay on steady ground.
Don’t shoot and question later, you won’t be helping anyone,
Just, give us the benefit of the doubt.   ….Chorus….