SM005 – Aseh Lecha Rav – Sheet Music

Aseh Lecha Rav(Written by Lenny Solomon)

As-eh le-cha rav u-ki-nay le-cha cha-ver ve-heh-vay dan et kol ha-a-dam li-kaf zi-chut
Ani ma-a-min be-em-u-nah she-lay-ma bi-vi-at ha-mo-shi-ach ani ma-a-min
Vi-af al pee She-yit-ma-may-ah im kol zeh ach-ak-eh lo b’chol yom she-ya-vo

Provide yourself with a teacher, get yourself a companion and judge all men favorably (Pirkei Avot 1-6)
I believe with complete faith in the coming of the messiah and even though he may delay
Nevertheless I anticipate every day that he will come (Rambam Principle number 12)

The last song on the Mikdash album, Lenny Solomon wrote this in Israel in 1997.  The first original Hebrew song written in Israel!  It was recorded as Brian Gelfand playing Piano and Lenny singing.