SM004 – Another Door Opens – Sheet Music

  1. Another Door Opens (Lenny Solomon)

Chorus: When one door closes another door opens                                            Yeah Yeah Yeah Yeah Another door opens

In one year we’ve gone from the high to the low                                                    From the light to the dark from the sky to the ground
Way back when I didn’t know why
No one to rely no one to rely but you
Now I’m seeing these times are good too
Gave me humility ability a sense of fallibility
And now the possibilities are looking real good
The times are changing they always do.  (Chorus)

A time for sadness a time for despair
Things were coming apart everything everywhere
Came crashing down at the seams
all my dreams had no means
Slipping right out of my hands
Went to far way to fast tried to grasp couldn’t last
We don’t know what’s in store
Before the illness we get the cure.  (Chorus)

We cry out to you in desperation
Candles are burning to their final destination
Got to pull it all together need inspiration
Overcome my frustration receive a revelation
Don’t give up we can do it again
Start it up Start it up from one to ten
Don’t hesitate you can relate, If you just appreciate.  (Chorus)