SM002 – Ani Maamin – Emunah – Sheet Music

Ani Maamin – Emunah

Ani Maamin Be’emunah Shelayma B’vias Hamoshiach,

V’af al pi sheyismahmayah im kol zeh achakeh lo bchol yom sheyavoh.


I believe with the complete faith in the coming of the Mashiach.  And even though he may tarry, I shall wait for him with every coming day.

Lenny wrote Ani Maamin back in 1982.  IN 1984, he was at an NCSY Shabbaton at a late night JAM in Maryland and it was their that he tried out the song on Chaim Katz, Joey Friedman and Chuckie Epstein.  The song was recorded in 1988 on the Emunah Album.