Six Days of Creation

6 Days of Creation
Parody of Superstition by Stevie Wonder

6 Days of Creation
God created all
6 Days of Creation
Nothing there before

Light and dark on first day
Heavens came to pass
Third day he made boundaries
Then he brought forth grass

Chorus: When we received the Torah
That was made with God’s hands
It was a Bracha
Creation put us here to stay

6 Days of Creation
The stars the sun the moon
When they all are covered
This omen might mean doom.

Big fish from the deep sea, insects hundreds strong,
All birds of a feather, on the fifth day came along.(Chorus…)

Sixth day of creation, animals today,
Sixth day of creation, man was on his way.
And when it was all over, G-d was pleased at last,
The seventh day has no work, our future law was cast. (Chorus…)

Thus the heaven and the earth were finished and all there legion
On the seventh day God completed his work which he had done
And he abstained on the seventh day from all His work which He had done
God blessed the seventh day and sanctified it cause on it
He had abstained from all his work which God created to make.