Parody of Lido Shuffle – Boz Scaggs

Shlomo was the youngest son in David’s pack.
He’d succeed the throne, Natan did say that.
To Gichon riding on a mule was the first stop,
At 12 years old Tzadok anointed him on top.
The people came down,
Shlomo put on the crown and they would yell.

They said Long live Shlomo Hamelech,
King of Israel is with us,
Here’s one for G-d’s throne.

Chorus: Shlomo, whoa,
Mishlei, Kohelet, and Song of Songs,
Shlomo’s in the know. Shlomo, whoa,
Wise man Shlomo Hamelech,
spoke to all living creatures,
One to build G-d’s throne.

Shlomo was ruling over many kingdoms,
His table overflowed.
Said it’s Temple time you know it,
And they came as he spoke.
There’d be workers from Tzidon,
Cedar trees from Lebanon, great big stones.

Saying seven years ought a do it,
Father said we’ll get through it,
This one’s for G-d’s throne. Chorus…