Shlock Rock Almost on Broadway Hora

The Shlock Rock Almost on Broadway Medley

Tuition – Parody of Tradition – Fiddler on the Roof
Who day and night must make a half a million Chip in for the Billion Dollar Building Fund
And what must we pay so that every single day Our kids can go to the best school.
Tuition Tuition Tuition (2x)

Shall We Bench – Parody of Shall We Dance – The King and I
Shall we Bench, shall we sit down and say Rabotai
Shall we Bench, shall we give thanks to God way up high
Or perhaps we did not eat bread then by the by
Benching this time we’ll skip ya but we’ll still say Al Hamichya
Shall We Bench Shall We Bench Shall We Bench

Midwife – Parody of Memories – Cats
Midwife could be found where the slaves went
But they gave birth without me They gave birth all alone
In the starlight their wisdom was much smarter than me
Cause they gave birth on their own

The Kohanim and Leviim – Parody of the The Farmers and the Cowman – Oklahoma
The Kohanim and Leviim should be friends (2x)
Kohanim they take off their shoes Leviim like to sing the blues
And that’s the reason why they should be friends

Yiddish Song Break – Parody of Oy Rumania – A. Lebedoff
Oy Rumania, My Bobbi Hinda was born in Rumania
Oy Rumania, She made it out to continue the chain yeah
In February 1902 Bobbi Hinda was born child number two
Came to the US on the Red Star Line in 1927 October time
Ay Diga, Diga Dum…..

Did you hear the Rav – Parody of Can You Feel the Love Tonight – Lion King
Did you hear the Rav last night spoke the best by far
Knows his stuff there were no eyes wandering in the synagogue
Will you hear the Rav Tonight don’t close your eyes to rest
He’ll be talking about buying Israeli bonds cause they’re the very best

Ya got Torah – Parody of Ya Got Trouble – Music Man
Ya got Torah (Oh, we got Torah) Right here From Har Sinai (Right here from Har Sinai)
With a Hebrew Taf’ which is never enough and thats read in ‘Shul’ (That’s read in Shul)
We’ve surely got Torah (We surely got Torah) Right here from Har Sinai (Right here) , Joseph stored the grain Moses hit the Rock and God does Rule Oho, we got torah
We’ve got Chamisha Chumshei Torah
The nation with the 613 will always rule, (always rule) Yes, we’ve got torah, torah, torah (Oh, yes, we got torah here, we got a learn the torah) With a ‘Taf’ (With a hebrew Taf) never be enough (never be enough) And thats read in shul (That s read in shul)