Shimmy’s New Horn

Shimmy’s New Horn (Jimmy Crack Corn)


Chorus:  Shimmy’s new horn is a shofar, Shimmy’s new horn is a shofar

Shimmy’s new horn is a shofar, he’ll blow in shul today


When Shimmy was a little boy, he didn’t want to play with toys,

Daddy what I’d like to do, is blow the shofar just like you…..Chorus

His Abba brought it from afar, gave his son a new shofar,

He’s been learning how to blow, the three different sounds Shimmy knows …Chorus

He’ll blow the horn on Rosh Hashonoh, Tekiah, Shevarim, and Teruah,

The shofar will make 100 sounds, but on Shabbat it can’t be found…..Chorus