She Cries Out

She Cries Out (Original Music and Lyrics L. Solomon)

Chorus: She cries out for our children
She cries out for us all
When redemption comes upon us
God will listen to her call

In Genesis we meet her at a well
Jacob falls in love as the story does tell
For seven years he works for her dad
Only in the end to find out he’s been had
So seven years later when the work is done
Jacob and Rachel are finally one
Rachel watches her sister giving birth to many
And she prays and prays cause she doesn’t have any
Gives birth to Yoseph and while having Binyamin
She was cursed accidentally and it does her in.
So she’s buried in Bet Lechem along the way
And she looks out for her people every single day. Chorus…

One by one they asked for us to be saved
Abraham to Isaac right down to King David
But God turned em all down saying the people are depraved
They gone off the path turned to evil ways
Rachel went on in and God turned her down too
Then she said – I gave up my life for you
I had a husband who was supposed to be all mine
But I gave my sister to him – I gave her the signs
Now I ask you God in the name of compromise
Please save our people from this dark demise
And God said to her your righteous ways
Have saved the Jewish people so they will have their day. Chorus…

So for this matriarch Rachel it’s you we salute
A role model for all and a hero to boot
All the young ones who grow up will learn your story
How you never gave up and how you shared your glory
You fought for what’s right you gave it everything you had
You crossed the line when you had to eliminate the bad
You took some chances and sometimes you got burned
But the lessons you gave are sure to be learned
By everyone around from young to old
They’ll see your insight and the steps you took to be bold
So keep crying out for God to redeem our nation
We remember what you did in every generation. Chorus…