Shaliach Mitzvah Man

Shaliach Mitzvah Man
Parody of Secret Agent Man Jonny Rivers – 1966

There’s someone who needs a little favor
An envelope that needs to reach his mother
Can you do him a good shake
This letter will you take
As you will be seeing her tomorrow

Chorus: Shaliach Mitzvah Man
Shaliach Mitzvah man
They’ve given you avodah (a job)
You take it in their name

I have a suitcase we left behind
This empty case will ride if you don’t mind
We’ll come to where you’ll stay and pick it up next day
Or we’ll see you the day after tomorrow…Chorus

Bring it home for Rivki – she’s been away
Then Lego for Akiva for his Birthday
When is your next trip please take along this check
And give it to the Yeshiva in Toronto…Chorus