Send the Dove

I’ll be Sending out the Dove
Parody of Accidentally in Love – Counting Crows

Noah said waters pouring lately
Waters pouring and I know that it comes from above
Hard to build it, climb aboard I’ll sink without it, they will sink without it

‘did belong here well I’ll just endure this
Will endure it for there’s no more shore we’re up above
Stay and return to the ground in safety – but I will be sending out the dove, ohhh

Climb on, climb on, the rain is getting faster
Climb on, climb on, the world is a disaster
Climb on, climb on, ’cause everything comes from above

Noah said I’ve noticed it stopped raining
Rain is gone and I think maybe I will send the dove
First the raven will fly but you know his flight won’t be like the dove

Well maybe I remember all the robbers and thieves
So Heaven sent to end it from above
Now God did review it and the rainbow shows us his love, ohhh

This vine I’m planting
Means we’re finally home finally home new world
Come in, come in, proves no more disasters
Come in, come in, this is what I wish for
Come in, come in blessing now is from above, ohhh

Come in, come, in time for multiplying
Come in, come in, Cham you’ll serve your brothers
Come in, come in, It took three times to send the dove

I’ll be sending out the Dove, I’ll be sending out the Dove (4x)

I’ll be sending out
Send the Dove, Send the Dove, Send the Dove,
Send the Dove, Send the Dove, Send the Dove,

Come in, come in – was he really righteous
Come in, come in – and the Rabbi’s argue on this
Come in, come in God he rules us from above
Send the Dove