Sefer From 89 Download

Sefer From 89
Parody of Summer of 69 – Brian Adams

My Zeide got his first sefer in the winter 1889.
Took it out and every day he read, studied in Poland for a long long time
He would learn it with some guys from Shul, every day then the times got hard. The Cossacks came Zeide got wary, picked up his family and traveled real far.

Oh when I think back now, that Sefer kept us all together.
Zeide gave it to his boys cause he knew it would be a treasure.
Ko’vaya Eatim all his life.

My father was at Toras Chaim, graduated class of 42.
then he went to Chaim Berlin, Yeah, when he finished he knew what to do.

Learning at a set time would make our family last forever
then pass it down the line, it would keep us all together.
Ko’vaya eatim all his life.

That was another day that was ancient practice we don’t have the time.
They say traditions can’t last forever, I say no!!!

Now it’s 100 years later, I’ve got a seder from 9-10
And if you ask me what i’m saying
I’ll say that Sefer is back again. (Chorus)