Sabbath Story

A Sabbath Story
Parody of Two Princes – Spin Doctors

Want to tell you a Sabbath story, (Sun’s going down, now)
Special clothing will adorn you, (Just don’t forget, now)
Take the money from your pockets, (Challah’s your bread, now)
Here’s wine, just be careful not to drop it, (Kiddush is said, now)
This one is the fourth commandment, (That’s out of ten, now)
Mitzvah, big deal to observe it, (That’s what He meant, now)
Keep it, the Sabbath will atone for you (Shomer Shabbat, now)
Family, friends, or on your own too (Shabbat Shalom, now)

Shabbat Queen greeting you and me
Angels in the window that you cannot see
Don’t eat all the food for the meals are three
Come over to my house have a seudah with me

If you want to bring the baby (Just go ahead, now)
And if you’d like to sing with Zeide (Just go ahead, now)
And if you want to bring me flowers(Just go ahead, now)
And if you want to learn for hours (Just go ahead, now)