Rockin Rabbi

Written by Lenny Solomon

He came from San Antone when he was only eighteen,
Had a motorcycle,it rode like a dream,
And when he played the drums you knew it was out of sight.

Then he came to our town had a smile on his face,
Said boy I’ve gotta learn so I can figure out my place,
Now when he walks down the street,you’ll hear the people recite.

Chorus: He’s a Rockin Rabbi,he’s rockin’ out tonite.
He’s a Rockin Rabbi,he’ll make you feel just right.
He’ll start learning at nine after his early morning jog,
At night he’s got a studio next to his synagogue,
He’s a Rockin Rabbi,He’s Rockin out tonite.

In his study he had Seforim lined from wall to wall,
Had a Shas on his desk should anybody call,
Doing Sermons in the morning and in the evening He’d play.

To hear him give a lesson was a pleasure indeed,
To those who could read hebrew and to those who couldn’t read,
And when it was all over you could hear them say.

He’s a Rockin Rabbi,he’s rockin out tonite.
He’s a Rockin Rabbi,he’ll make you’ll feel just right,
He did turbo on his cycle made him feel so alive,
Now he’s turned it into learning doing straight overdrive,
He’s a Rockin Rabbi,he’s Rockin out tonite.

Now this Rabbi’s congregation listened to him say,
Gotta make a living and still learn every day.
Now go spread the message,pull it straight from your soul.
Rock’n’Roll’s your medium but Torah’s your goal.