Return of Treif and Tzuris

I Gotta be Traif

Parody of Faith – George Micheal


Let me offer you advice from Dr. Traif and Tzuris

Because you might be curious what evil scientists do,

I’m sure you don’t think it’s so nice to punish everybody,

But as an evil man today, we have to make a living too.


For the Town of Menchville we have a potion,

That will affect the food in every store,

and when our Traiferator goes into motion,

No one walking round here will say brochos anymore.


Cause we gotta be Traif, we gotta be Traif,

We gotta be Traif, Traif, Traif, we gotta be Traif.


Crazy is what your calling Traif today, Your saying Tzuris go away,

You don’t wanna hear our news,

Maybe the skies are starting to turn grey,

And when you hear we’re here to stay,

You’ll get Friday and Shabbos to save the Jews.


We’ll make you shiver so forget the notion,

To put us back in jail and close the door,

You won’t remember the Brochos motion,

And then the Town of Menchville will be ours forever more. (Chorus)