ReJewVenated – Song Download

Music by Steve Bill, Lyrics by Lenny Solomon

In this world it’s very clear
Our job is to get ReJewVenated
We haven’t got much time to spare
Do what it takes to get ReJewVenated

Chorus: Feel the energy out there
Take it home to share – ReJewVenated
Look around show you care
Rise up from despair – ReJewVenated

God is out there everywhere
Rely on him to get ReJewVenated
Many paths for us to share
Take the one where you’re ReJewVenated Chorus:

Bridge: You mustn’t think you can’t connect
See the light you can reflect
Don’t run away don’t you neglect
You must use your intellectuality for gain
Once you’re there you can explain…ReJewVenated

You can be a shining a light
Just as long as you’re ReJewVenated
You can soar to higher heights
Take us all to be ReJewVenated…Chorus:

Feel the power once again – ReJewVenated
Put you on another plain – ReJewVenated