Redemption Time

Redemption Time

(Music and Lyrics L Solomon and Etan G)



Ladies and Gentleman welcome to the party of a lifetime

You see here in the motherland it’s a balmy 75 degrees

Clear skies Everybody’s landing, Good times upon us and it’s a party

Now if you wanna dance, wanna feel good

Here we go cause it’s the redemption time


Chorus: Oh It’s redemption time – you can see the signs

Come on, it’s party time and we’re feeling fine!

Why don’t you come along – you know there’s nothing wrong

Whether you’re weak or strong – sing this redemption song


It’s that time to start rappin ’bout this.

We’ve always looked forward, but first, lets reminisce

About the facts of life, we’ll tell it like it is

That for 2000 years, there are things that have been amiss

We’ve been wandering from country to country

Temples destroyed, a terrible tragedy

Nation of priests  – a holy nation

Let’s end this exile, end the baseless hatred



Get up, learn the history and the blanks you’ll fill in

Might’ve started out quiet, in every land we’ve been in

But sooner or later something had to give

They didn’t let us be Jews, they didn’t let us live

The message was there, the message was clear

Problem was we didn’t do, we didn’t hear

But now the time has come the time to resolve the situation

It can be done with a little unification



Going to the land of milk and honey (8x)


It’s Dr D. your redemption DJ here and it’s a beautiful day in Israel

The sun is shining the temperature is perfect! The barometer is perfect!

The planes are flying overhead, in a line. Everyone is coming from the four corners of the earth ’cause it’s redemption time



Every year is gonna be a big one

Cause we’re here, it’s the time of the redemption

Can you recognize, the miracles (that) surround us

God is showing his appearance and He’s all around us

No need to hesitate, no need to fear

Ki Va Moed, the time is now, the time is here

So climb aboard the redemption train

Theres a party going on in the Holy land