Recognize the Miracles

Recognize the Miracles (Lenny Solomon – Assisted by Shmuel Laser)


Chorus: Recognize the miracles, it comes from above.


The heavens are open and knowledge is abound.

Can you see what’s going on? Can you feel what’s coming down?

Step into the street, open your eyes,

Understand the wonders of the world today.

It’s an amazing time, I mean amazing time,

If you don’t believe me, just listen to the rhyme.

Doors are being opened all around us today,

Stuff that was tough seems like child’s play.

History, Biology, movement in Technology,

Laser-fast discovery adding to society.

We take it for granted, we think it is ours,

But from God above comes our powers.    Chorus…


On the world wide web I tuned in to Torah,

Heard a Daf Yomi Shiur from Guadalajara.

From the net I got info on the Maharsha, 65 e-mails all on the Parsha.

Then I went shopping at my neighborhood store,

Kosher salsa, bought more and more.

Quick and convenient everything was done,

Being Jewish was easy and fun.

You know what it was like 50 years ago,

Hard to keep Kosher and Shabbat you know.

We have to be aware, we have to give praise,

The one who makes the miracles every single day. Chorus…


The time has come to spread the word,

we have to be aware don’t deny it, it’s absurd.

The influx of wisdom is not by chance, nothing my friends is happenstance.

The world has become one small ‘hood,

take out the bad and make it all good.

If we believe it, breathe it, you know we will receive it.

We really can achieve it if we just try.

When we create, we imitate our Maker above.

Celebrate the times, let’s feel the love.

G-d is in our lives every single day,

and soon the world will stand and say.  Chorus…