Reaping For Six Years Song Download

Reaping for Six Years
Parody of Reeling in the Years – Steely Dan

You’ve plowed and seeded reaped
and meted for the six years past.
Now it’s time to take a break,
acknowledge all that you’ve amassed.
Well The Torah knew every seventh year
it’s time to rest the land.
Shmita was established to make you understand

We’ll be reaping for six years, Stowing for one years time.
No more gathering up the sheaves, Gotta leave it all behind.

Shmita simply stated means you’re not allowed to glean.
This applies whether you’re rich or poor or somewhere in between.
But keep in mind that farming in the seventh year is banned.
When it’s limited to property in the Holyland. Chorus

If someone owes you money at the end of Shmita time.
Unless you signed a Pruzbul you won’t collect a dime.
Shmita wipes out all the debts between man and fellow man.
Ask your local Rabbi to better understand. Chorus