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Rav Zechariah
Written by Lenny Solomon
Based on a shiur given by Rabbi Ari Kahn

“Aichah Yoshvoh Vodod Hair Rabosi Am Hoyisa K’almanah”

Kamsa was home that evening
But why could he not see
That Bar Kamsa thinks you set him up
And his hatred grows for free

A mixed up invitation, mistaken identity
Someone should have stepped in
Made peace immediately

Chorus: Rav Zechariah why could you not see
Had you made the right choices
You could have stopped this tragedy

Rav Zechariah your humbleness was profound
This was the reason
The temple was burnt down

A blemish on the eyelid
Perhaps on the lip
Let it go and we are saved
Or the rage will be unleashed

You’ve got to save the people
You’ve got to do what’s right
Do it all before it’s too late
Or we head out into the dark night (Chorus)

Make the move to save us
Is what you could have done
Sometimes decisions must be made
And you’re the only one

And so we turn to you and say
If only you’d been strong
After 2000 years, the exile is so long (Chorus)