Rappin Jewish

Rappin Jewish


Chorus: Jewish Pride keeps you going strong

Makes our people last real long.

So don’t ignore what comes from inside,

Let it grow cause it’s Jewish Pride.


La Die Do I’m a Jew and I think it’s cool, I eat kosher meat, cause I ain’t no fool.  Ask me anything you want to but I will repeat, I say being Jewish makes me groove to the beat.  Gotta son who’s a doctor, a daughter who’s a lawyer.  My wife teaches english and reads Tom Sawyer, each morning I sit at my breakfast table, with Gefilte Fish and Lox and Bagels.

I’m a Jewish Man been all over the map that’s why I’m singing this Jewish Rap, y’see I’ve been rapping since the age of 3 when my homeboys rocked across the red sea.  Now before we get into history, here’s my man Shloime from Canarsie, he’s a Jewish Rapper and I’m sure you’ll agree, So Come on everybody and rap with me. Chorus…….


La die Do I’m a Jew and I think it’s neat, but I’m still having probl ems with my feet and my back is not so good so I will sit down over here everybody gather round.  I’m a Jewish man always gone to shul kept kosher too followed all the rules,  done the right thing for a long time now

and I’ve given my children all my know how, gotta son who’s a doctor, a daughter who’s married, my wife stays home with my Grandson Larry,

Each morning I call and tell my wife, a glass of tea will mean a long life.  But enough of me already and this routine, here’s the next mench who knows the scene, Ian’s his name and he wants us to sing.

All about pride that Jewish thing. Chorus….


La die do I’m a Jew gotta message for you and I’ll rap these lines till my face turns blue, We rappers are the members of this Jewish Crew,

but Jewish Pride ain’t nothing new.

From the time of Abraham Isaac and Jacob, Moses and Joshua and King David

and Solomon the wise they would all say, Jewish Pride is the only way

They showed us how to live our lives, and gave us direction to which we must strive.  It won’t be easy in fact it’s real hard, so put this saying on a little card.

Keep learning my friends don’t forget what’s inside, the Torah’s laws will be your guide.  Centuries we’ve worked to stay alive, so let’s tell em boys cause that’s no Jive. Chorus…