Professor Shnibblestein

Professor Shnibblestein

Written by Lenny Solomon


Proffesor Shnibblestein can save the day

Professor Shnibblestein he is the way

Professor Shnibblesein is really grand

The professor will lend us a hand


Proffesor Shnibblestein is really smart

Professor Shnibblestein has a great heart.

Professor Shnibblesein will see their plan.

The professor will tell us we can.


If there’s anyone we can count on

To help us really understand

The professor knows doing Mitzvot

Will make Menchville a great land.


Professor Shnibblestein’s is very cool.

Proffesor Shnibblestein knows all the rules

Professor Shnibblestein, we have no doubt.

Will help us figure it out.