Positive Thinking

Positive Thinking


When you just don’t have the strength to carry on,

When all your possibilities are gone,

When your world is crashing down from every side,

When your looking for a place to run and hide.


Every where you turn you get bad news,

You’ve had your fill of negative reviews,

You wanna change the facts make this your year,

Take all your frowns and turn them into cheer.


Chorus: Gotta think positive, gotta hold your head up high,

When it all seems lost, and you just can’t cope.

Put a smile on your face, if you’ll just give it a try,

Gotta think positive, never give up hope.


Your boss just said we’ll have to let you go,

How you’ll pay the rent you just don’t know,

While your lying on the mat down for the count,

There’s nothing in this world you can’t surmount.


You’ve said to all your friends how could this be,

Your book of life is tragic history,

Every time we’re standing on your side,

You think you’re being taken for a ride. Chorus…


When you look into that mirror and you don’t like what you see,

It’s time to take some action, see things logically,

With an attitude adjustment, things can change in a short time,

A little hope can go a long way every single time.


Each time you let your troubles get you down,

Look at all the other ones around,

At further glance these problems might be small,

Compared to those not fortunate at all. ….Chorus…