Poison Words

Poison Words


It was an innocent remark it was easily bought,

You had spoken first before you thought.

As you hung up the phone, like the twist of a knife,

With a stroke of the tongue you had changed someone’s life.


An underhanded comment behind someone’s back,

Became a second hand story told to a pack.

Now a third party passing by overheard it all,

Now you’re ready to cry.


Chorus:Poison words are always sought,

So what you say must be carefully thought,

Poison words must be controlled,

‘Cause poison words affect the soul.


Once you closed your lips the damage was done,

The cost could not be measured by anyone.

Now it’s in bold letters, it’s front page news,

Wouldn’t want to be sitting in your shoes.  …Chorus…


‘Cause everything you say, it comes back to you,

Once they are relayed these words you can’t undo.

Like feathers in the air, like dust in the wind,

Your words will travel far and you cannot rescind.


You could ask forgiveness time after time,

You might not get an answer for this mental crime.

To poisonous words the cure is remote,

For this type of poison there’s no antidote.   …Chorus…