Oil in the Jug

Oil in the Jug (Little Brown Jug – Traditional)

Years ago there was a man – fought a war as best as he can

He was one of the Chashmonaim also known as the Maccabim

Chorus: I am Judah Macabee, Oil in the jug, just right for me!
I am Judah Macabee, Oil in the jug, can last you see!

The Syrian Greeks said you must be part of our history

You cannot learn Torah today or be Jewish in any way.   Chorus

We have eight days of Chanukah fun light the Menorah one by one

Play dreidel and eat sufganiot you can even make a latka float.    Chorus

Be proud of just who you are, that’s why the Macabees got so far

They would fight for the Torah way, and Judah Maccabee would say   Chorus