No More Bread

No More Bread (Shortening Bread – Traditional)

Get out the matzah is what Ima said ‘cause all the days of Pesach there’s no more bread.

There’s a lot of cleaning for every Jew then we’ll sit down and have seder too.

Chorus:  Matzah’s all we’re eating, eating, eating,
Matzah’s all we’re eating ‘cause there’s no more bread.

All of the children got up and said Ma Nishtana so why no bread?

Called in the Abba and the Abba said, we were slaves in Egypt so no more bread.  Chorus…


When all the children heard what Abba said, they said tell us some more why no more bread?

Abba said listen up to the words we’ve said we were slaves in Egypt so no more bread. Chorus…


No chametz in the Kitchen, not a sign of bread, we burnt it before Pesach is what Ima said,

And when we left Egypt we ran ahead, didn’t have the time to make the bread. Chorus…

Cleaned all the skillets, cleaned around the bed, made sure the house has no more bread,

Takin’ all the chametz out of my head open all the matzoh cause there’s no more bread.Chorus…