No Limits

No Limits
Written by Lenny Solomon
Based on a Dvar Torah from Reb Tzadok Hakohen from Lublin

Isaac was born when Sara was 90
And Abraham was a century
They were the chosen so why’d they have trouble
Having children should have been easy

Bridge: God wanted to teach us a lesson
Of how everything will be
No matter how bleak it seems
They’re not obstacles for you and me

Chorus: No Limits to the nation of Israel
People of holy stature
Liberated from stars and constellations
Above the boundaries of nature

And in the future one day we’ll see
Fulfillment of the prophecies
Let’s get it together while we can
No limits from where we stand

He could have taken us out of Egypt
In the conventional way
Instead, He did it with ten plagues
Splitting the sea so all could say (Bridge and Chorus)

That was the sin of the spies they did not get it
No matter what they saw should have known it
After everything they had witnessed
Everything they’d been shown (Chorus)