Parody of Brandy – Looking Glass

Here’s a report, a family went astray.
Elimelech and sons left the Torah way.
Wife Naomi watched them pass away, Naomi is alone.

And there’s a girl from this Moab Town,
She is Ruth follows Naomi around.
Said Naomi, “Don’t have to stick around.
Go back to your own kind.” And Ruth says…

Chorus: Naomi, this is my world, a Jewish wife I will be.
Your G-d, your life and your people are for me.

Boaz held the family name.
Naomi was bitter and she felt ashamed.
Ruth wanted to glean the grain. Naomi told her to go.
Boaz came on a special day,
during a shift saw Ruth’s modest ways.
So he said to her in this field you’ll stay, this will be your home cause Ruth said…Chorus

Well Naomi knew that it was time, Boaz must not tarry.
Marry Ruth the Moav girl, redeem their families glory.
And Boaz always told the truth and now he went to see the man.
Would he marry Ruth, redeem the land?

Now that’s right, they settled down.
Ruth and Boaz would have the crown.
It’s through them David came around.
Royalty would stem cause Ruth said…Chorus