Nachshon Jumped in First

Nachshon Jumped In First


Our backs were against the wall,

Nowhere left to turn

The time for prayer was over,

The lessons must be learned


The enemy approaches,

No place you can hide

A miracle is needed,

But first we must supply.


Pre-Chorus: Someone who will beat the odds,

Someone who will break the ice,

Someone with courage in his heart,

Someone who will take Gods advice.


Chorus: Nacshon jumped in first (4x)


What are you praying to me for.

God said it to Mo

The time for action is upon you,

Tell your people to go


Then hold out your staff,

Spread it across the sea

Then you’ll get your miracle

but first you must show me.  Pre-Chorus and Chorus


The tribe of Benjamin wanted to jump,

Argued with Judah

But while the two tribes were going at it

Nachson took it in his hands


Guitar Solo, Pre Chorus and Chorus