Modeh Ani Now Song Download

Modeh Ani Now
Parody of Who Can It Be Now – Men At Work

What do we say when we open our eyes.
We thank G-d for allowing us to rise.
Souls returned been away for the night.
Now it’s back and feeling just right.
Go to the sink and we wash our hands.
Tell G-d that he is in our plans.
Do this ‘for we go outside
and say these words as the alarm subsides.

Modeh Ani Now

What can that be hanging by my door
Kiss it now as you cross the floor.
Can’t you see it’s a mezuzah
In it are two parts of Kriat Shema
Put on your Talis when you get to Shul
Then your Tefillin these are your praying tools
Now you’ve got a routine thats fine
It all begins when you say that line.

Modeh Ani Lefonecho Melech Chai V’Kayam
Shehechezarta Be Nishmati B’chemlah Rabah Emunatecha