Mitzvos Today

Mitzvos Today

Parody of YMCA – Village People


Mitzvos will be done in our Town, I said

Mitzvos 613 to be found I said

Mitzvos plenty to go around to make everyone so Happy.


Mitzvos listen to Shabbos and Moe to do

Mitzvos don’t have to spend any dough. Just do

Mitzvos and I’m sure you will find there’s no better way to spend time.


Chorus: We’re gonna do a lot of Mitzvos today, Mitzvos Today

You can do a good deed, Help someone to heal you know how good you feel.

We’re gonna do a lot of Mitzvos today, Mitzvos Today.

You can do anything it will make life a Joy teach it to girls and boys.


Mitzvos if your friends are not well, I said Mitzvos you can make them feel swell, I said

Mitzvos you can visit their home, I said that’s called Bikur Cholim.


Mitzvos Don’t only think of yourself. I said Mitzvos Make sure that you have your health.

I said Mitzvos Do many Mitzvos each day, it will help in work or in play…Chorus


Mitzvos, From time of Rosh Hashono, I said

Mitzvos, Each person does Teshuva, I said

Mitzvos, We can give Tzedaka, And when We pray that’s Tefilah.


Mitzvos, On Shabbos no Avodah, I said Mitzvos, Purim hear Megilah, I said

Mitzvos, Pesach only Matzoh And always Learn the Torah. (Chorus)