Minyan Man – Song Download

Minyan Man
I stepped off the bus in Mobile,Alabama
The sun was slowly setting on the bay,
It was six o’clock on a simmer Friday Afternoon,
Shabbos was an hour away.
I walked around the town wondering what to do.
Cause Shabbos is no time to be feeling blue.
And then I saw a man who looked the same way too,
I was quite relieved to find a fellow Jew.

Chorus:I asked the man I saw how many Jews in this town?
He said to me there used to be a Minyan around.
But one of us passed away and we’ve been feeling down,
Yet know it seems as though another Jew has been found,
Won’t you stay with us for Shabbos Minyan Man.

We walked down Winston Avenue a block then two more,
And went into a shop that read closed on the door,
There was a Minyan in the back of a Hardware store,
Nine men waiting for one more.
We ushered in the Shabbos with a beautiful song,
The Chazan had a voice that was clear and strong.
We sang out as one all Shabbos long.
Then Maariv came again I had to be moving on. Chorus…

Now that was twenty years ago and the vision is clear,
And I think about it every now and then cause the place is still dear,
And when I make this trip through Mobile once every year,
I remember the men who prayed here.
Now the Minyan is gone a few died some moved on,
but the back of this store still remembers this song,
The nine men who waited the one came along,
How Shabbos was carried on a song. Chorus…….