If You Wanna Be A Mench

If You Wanna Be A Mench

Parody of If I only Had a Brain – The Wizard of Oz


Learn the brochos when your little, Dvar Torah in the middle,

And don’t forget to bench.

Listen to your mother, and be nice to your brother.

If you wanna be a Mench.


For an elder it is fitting, To stand up when your sitting.

Even if your drenched.

Make sure you always smile, cause it’s never out of style.

If you wanna be a mench.


Chorus: Always try to ask me why, If you don’t know what’s the reason for,

Review the things that you have learned before.

Then you can start to learn some more.


When a beggar who has nothing, asks you to give him something,

Your fist should not be clenched.

Tzedaka we must give too, help all the people live to

If you wanna be a Mench.