Megillah For Sale

Megilah for Sale (Magilla Gorilla Theme- William Hanna and Joseph Barbera)

We’ve got a megilah for sale Megilat Esther for sale

I just write ‘em so everyone can buy ‘em Megilah for sale.

I’m called a sofer, a scribe in English I write with plenty of zeal

Hands are steady handwriting neat Megilah for sale.


Do you want a megilah for your home?

There are plenty you can choose from and then call your own.

You’ve reached the megilah store.  Get all Megilot including

Rut, Esther, Kohelet, Shir Hashirim and Eichah. We even do Torah’s too!


We’ve got a megilah for sale – how much is that megilah in the window?

The klaf is nice and the worth the price

A mezuzah or megilah is great advice

Megilah we’ve got a megilah for sale!