Making the Minyan Now

Making the Minyan Now Stylization of Bruce Springsteen
circa 1973 Lyrics (L.Solomon)

At 6:10 AM the alarm goes off and he wakes up and jumps out of bed
He goes to the sink and pours water on his hands after modeh ani was said
Now he gets dressed and he stumbles downstairs like he does every day as a rule.
Cause he knows that’s him they’re depending upon to open the doors at shul.
At 6:25 the cold air hits him as he goes out of his house to his car.
And he sees that a couple of early risers are waiting as he approaches from afar
He opens up the doors and he turns on the lights and in a few minutes they’ll begin.
They put on their tefillin and they start to pray, when 10 people come they’ll be in.

Chorus: And they’ll be making the minyan now,
They’ll be making the minyan now
Three times daily, every day of the year
They’ll be making the minyan now

They’ll be making the minyan now,
They’ll be making the minyan now
You know where to find him three times a day
He’ll be making the minyan now

At 7:15 he bolts out of shul runs home to help out if he’s able
The wife’s got the kids all dressed for school so he puts the breakfast out on the table
Walks the kids to the corner and they wait for the bus to come at 8:12am on the dot
Says hello to the seniors that are taking their morning walk around the block
Now he goes off to work to make some money but in the afternoon each day
They’ll all meet up in the conference room to take a break for the afternoon pray
No matter what they’re doing in the business world they will stop for a while.
Cause they got to pray to God like our father Isaac did, it keeps them in the Jewish style. Chorus…

Comes back home at 6 PM at supper they talk about their day
Two hours later he’ll be out again – gotta go for the evening pray.
Stick around until 9:20 then the daf yomi shiur is done
Close up the building until the next morning when everything starts from square one
Finally home after this schedule and he talks to his wife for a while
They love this time they have together and they talk about life with a smile.
Yeah, gives his wife thanks cause he knows this routine is tough for any Jew.
She’s got a share in him praying three times – without her this he could not do.