Makin’ Hamotzie (Club Mix)

Makin’ Hamotzee

Original Rap written by Lenny Solomon and Etan G.


Chorus:Makin’ Hamotzee (5x)

It’s Friday night and I’m back from shul,

I smell the food and I start to drool

Shalom aleichem has already been said

I blessed the children but before we’re fed

We start kickin’ the kiddush on the grape wine

And I know pretty soon everything will be fine

So we wash this way and wash that way

We make the blessing, now it’s time to say…the motzee


After I eat my piece of bread

I think and realize what I have said

Praise and thanks to the One above

The creator of the world who I know and love

Now I have a big smile and do not frown

Because I know that it’s time to munch on down

On everything that’s sitting right on my plate

All because I just made I made…the motzee


It’s not just for the Sabbath this thing we do

But during the week you can say it too

Before you eat any kind of bread

This blessing, hamotzee, must be said

As a matter of fact it’s a pretty good deal

All the rest of the food that’s in your meal

Is covered by hamotzee enough is said

Enjoy your food and now enjoy your bread makin hamotzee


This may be a custom that the Grampas do

But this can be a mitzvah for all of you

Not only for the Rabbis, Cantors or the Docs

Not only for musicians who play in Shlock Rock

So now we’ll tell you how to do this wondrous deed

Of giving thanks to the Lord whose rules we heed

Blessed is the Lord who brings bread from the Land

Hamotzee lechem min Haaretz, with his outstretched hand.