Living Legends

Living Legends
Written by Lenny Solomon

I met a man his name was Ben Tzion,
Walkin’ the streets of Jerusalem,
For a chocolate danish and a cup of coffee,
He’d sit down and tell me his story.

In ’47 I was in the Irgun,
side by side with Menachem Begin,
I escaped from the British army,
was involved in founding the state.

Chorus: He was a living legend,
You can meet them every single day,
You never know who you’re gonna bump into,
Miracles around today.

Yossi lives in Rishon Lezion,
He farms the land with his family,
Anytime you’re around just drop on in,
He grows grapes sweet as they can be.

In ’67 he was in the air force, flew in the six-day war,
The stories he could tell you would leave you speechless,
Of the glory of G-d and so much more. chorus……

Give praise to the courageous,
The reason we’re here today,
Next time you meet them on the street,
Know that he or she could be a…chorus…