Limited Perspective

Limited Perspective
Written by Lenny Solomon

I can’t see the forest just the trees, just the trees,
I never know just what’s around the bend.
I’m somewhere in the tunnel, and I can see the light,
But I don’t know what’s coming up ahead.

Sometimes there are no answers to the questions that I pose,
Or the answer that I’m getting is simply no.
Detour in the road might send me into a dead end,
It seems as if there’s nowhere for me to go.

Chorus: Limited perspective in this world, in this world,
Sometimes there’s nothing anyone can say,
I don’t know the master plan,
Somethings I’ll never understand,
I won’t get down just do the best I can.

I turned on the radio to news of great despair,
It didn’t sound much better on TV.
But all they do is tell us what has already occurred.
They can’t see the big picture any clearer than me…..chorus…

I might be winging it but that’s ok by me,
’Cause even if I’m flying blind I’ve got the faith to see,
The One in charge will take good care of me.