Leaving the USSR Download

Leaving the USSR
Parody of Back in the USSR – The Beatles

Fly me to Ben Gurion ASAP,
Dont want to be here one more night.
Got my immigration papers for my family,
Took five years what a terrible fight.

Chorus: We’re leaving the USSR, We know how lucky we are, boy
We’re leabing the USSR

Been away so long , I hardly knew this place,
Gee it’s really good to be home.
Don’t care about conditions or absorbtions pace.
Take a year to put in the phone. Chorus

Well the Jewish World shouted let em out,
Let Our People Go And
Moscow said We’ve heard your shouts
So Aliyah is really on your minds.

Take me to Renana that’s my sister’s home,
I want to learn in an Ulpan.
When the Laila comes we will be going out
Walking around Bayit Vagan Chorus