Learning to Dance the Hora

Learning to Dance the Hora (Parody of Livin’ La Vida Loca)
New Lyrics L. Solomon

He’s into his religion
Black hat and prayer shawls
‘Til now he’s had no rhythm
On the dance floor watch him fall

She had a revelation
Lights wicks on Friday night
But she’s got a big frustration
Can’t tell her left foot from her right

She’d fake an aching toe one time
He even bought a cane
One day they knew they’d share a life
And be happy all the same
Only one thing did remain

Chorus: Right in Left toe out
Learning to dance the Hora
Kick and turn around
Learning to dance the Hora
Circle in and out
They do this move down in Boca
Now all together Shout – Hey!
Learning to dance the Hora

The wedding was in New York City
In this ritzy posh hotel
The band did start but what was funny
He did not slip she did not fall

They never stopped the waiter
Even when the main course came
When the band played Od Yishama
He did not pull up lame
Now she could play this dancing game