Learning is Good

Learning is Good
Parody of Johnny B. Goode – Chuck Berry

Way down in old Kew Gardens that’s a place in Queens,
There lived a little boy named Label S. Green,
Joined up with a group, so he could be a star,
Now he plays in public schools near and far.
And the message that he’s leaving after every show,
Learn about the Jews cause, that’s the way to go.

Go, Go, Label Go, cause Learning is Good.

He used to carry round his keyboard in a case jet black.
Looked like a sub machine gun ready to attack,
Walked into a school and took em by surprise,
They began to smile when he looked into their eyes,
People used to come from miles around to sing,
The Jewish culture club, hey it’s the greatest thing, I said…

One day he was sitting on a piano bench,
His mama came on in and said you’d be a mench,
and you will be director of a big new band,
We’re kids will come and sing your songs all over the land,
and when you are a star and your name is in lights,
Learning is Good Tonite. go,go,go….