Kotel in the Night – Song Download

Kotel in the Night
Parody of Rhythm of the Night – El Debarge

When you feel the whole world is on your shoulders
and all of the madness has got you going crazy.
It’s time to wake up and walk right down the street
Right up to the Kotel, history is at your feet well
I know a place where we can go any time of day.
People come from near and far
this place is open all year every single night and day
But the best time of all is underneath the stars.

Gotta go to the Kotel in the night
Stick around until it’s getting light
Think about the things you want to find
Take them home but don’t leave them all behind.

Here at the Kotel a Minyan’s just beginning
The peoples praying a celebration’s starting
Say some Tehillim give the Beggar some Tzedaka
Everything’s B’seder, learn a new Halacha

Come join the fun this ain’t no time for sitting home alone
Oh there’s too much going on,
Call all your friends and get’em out & get em off the phone
We’re going where the famous ones have gone.