Keep on Giving – Shlockapella Song Download

Keep on Giving
Original Song written by Lenny Solomon – 1994

Chorus: Gotta keep on giving,
Gotta open up your hands,
Gotta keep on giving,
To every woman, every man,

Met a man on the street holding a cup,
Said please won’t you help me son,
Used to be at the top of the ladder,
N ow I’m sitting on the bottom rung,
It wasn’t long ago I was just like you,
Might seem strange but it’s very true,
Then he looked at me and started to sing,
And this is what he said, (Chorus)

I was walkin’ away but the man said stop,
Ya gotta listen a little more,
I used t o always scoff at people like me,
Lying there on the floor,
Now it seems, the tables are turned,
But there’s a lesson you must learn,
Try to understand what I’ve been through,
And get me on track again, (Chorus)

I said kind sir, you’ve opened my eyes,
As I took out a little change,
‘Cause you see the same faces on the way up,
You see on the way down again,
I won’t forget the words you’ve said
You’re just like me but I’ve got the bread,
An’ with a wink of an eye an’ a grateful grin,
He said G-d bless you son, (Chorus)

Gotta help your neighbor across the street,
Put this city back on its feet,
Smile at everyone who passes by,
Gotta say to all around we care,
If you falter we’ll be there,
When you laugh we laugh and when you cry we cry. (Chorus)