Jews of the World

Jews of the World
Joy to the World – Three Dog Night

Yirmiyahu was a Navi, lived during Temple times.
Tried to get the people to return to Hashem,
But they defied him most of the time.
Didn’t listen to the prophet sublime, who was singing,

Chorus: Jews of the world,
All hear my word now.
Just do the Mitzvot, cause we must be,
A light for the world to see.

G-d is the King of the world,
He’s told us what to do.
The Torah you must guard,
be a star from near and far,
And nothing bad will happen to you, singing…chorus…

You might think that I’m crazy,
say you’re only having fun.
But you’ll be shipped off to Bavel in a bad exile,
If you don’t say Hashem is One.
Let me hear you say Hashem is One…chorus…