Jewish Pride – Song Download

Jewish Pride

I’ve seen it on the faces of kids all over the world,
They’re speaking as members of their Jewish Community,
And what they are all saying is very plain to see,
They’re sending a message to you and me.

Chorus: We’d like to learn all their is to learn,
We’d like to know all there is to know.
We’ve got a feeling that is coming through real strong.
It’s the start of something big we can’t be wrong.

Chorus 2: Jewish Pride, Jewish Pride, We’ve got Jewish Pride,
We won’t let it hide cause it comes from deep inside.
So shout it out loud Jewish Pride.

All around the world from Melbourne to New York,
the message comes across loud and clear.
In every high school in every city that you walk,
these words are shouted for every one to hear. Chorus & Chorus 2

The time has come for us to stand together,
we can’t succeed if we’re apart,
throw away your differences the spirits all around us.
Let’s sing together from the heart. Chorus 2