Jewish Pride Revisited – Song Download

Jewish Pride Revisited
Written by Lenny Solomon

It’s a different time than it was 20 years ago
We’ve made lots of strides in many fields
We’re prominent on the internet
You could see us on the TV, and hear us on the radio

I’m still singing now like I did back in ’86
But I’m living in the Holy Land
I tour the world with my pick up bands
I fly El Al I play my gigs, I tell the people how good it is

Chorus – But the most important thing before you can go far
Got to know where you came from know just who you are
You’re part of royalty a part of our nation
Let it fill you up with instant elation

We’re Singing Jewish Pride revisited
The time has come to be inquisitive
Find out what you have to know
Take it in and off we go
Singing Jewish Pride Revisited

Now I’ve played in many cities all over the world
Down Under for Jam and Counterpoint
Encounter in South Africa
London Leeds and Manchester,
Bournemouth, Birmingham and Leicester

In North America we’ve had a ball
But Israel is where it’s at
Chashmonaim, Modiin and Efrat
Raanana and Jerusalem town,
Bet Shemesh where we settled down Chorus

We’re Singing Jewish Pride revisited
Don’t be afraid to be inquisitive
Be a Mench to everyone
Pretty soon the work will be done
We’re singing Jewish Pride Revisited