It’s Not a Matter of Sight

It’s not a Matter of Sight (Another Saturday Night – 1963)
New Lyrics Rabbi Jeff Frances/L. Solomon

Chorus: It’s not a matter of sight cause God ain’t got no body
You can not see him like the world He made
You can’t miss this it’s something to hold on to
It’s a principle of faith

Check this…
About 900 years ago, The Rambam he took up his pen,
13 principles he did get em’, the foundations he did set em’,
They’re called Ani Ma’amin, here…Chorus

Learn the Torah daily, it will assist you to see what’s divine.
You see His Being and omnipotence is the reason for existence
And that is what we knew at Sinai, here…Chorus

Yeah, God is real all right,
and everything that exists is because of Him.
Maybe you can’t see Him
But you can find Him in everything He created
And everything that happens to you, me, everybody!

Listen to me here…
You don’t need me to tell ya’, this idea that seems so profound,
If the sky is gray or sunny, if you’re rich or have no money,
You gotta know that He’s around, Here it’s…Chorus