Israel Rap

  1. Israel Rap (Original)

Written by Lenny Solomon

Well boys and girls we’re here again

To do a little rap for you and all your friends

After all what’s an album without a rap

So get up from your nap and get out your map.


Last time we learnt how to count to ten

Achat shtayim until the very end

The first album we did the Alef Bet

We got that down so now we’re set.


So now my friends it’s time for lesson three

Let’s focus on Israel the land of milk and honey

We think that there are things that you should know

About the place where every single Jew should go.


Chorus: It’s the Israel Rap, Yerushalayim. It’s the Israel Rap go to Shilo.

It’s the Israel Rap, in Bet Shemesh. It’s the Israel Rap even Yaffo.

It’s the Israel Rap, check out Tzfat. It’s the Israel Rap go to Efrat.

It’s the Israel Rap, Chashmonaim. It’s the Israel Rap even Modiin.


God gave us the land and we’re back today

After 2000 years of being away

We’ve had two temples we await number three

Which Moshiach will help us build naturally.


It started when Avraham, walked on the land

God said leave your country that is my command

So we did and now we are hear this day

So everybody stand up you know what to say.  Chorus…


Now this song will be way too long

if we list every city and that would be wrong

But we have our engineer Amit you know

He’ll tell us more so we can go on with the show.


Sderot, Maalot, Raanana and Dimona,

Beer Sheva and Netanya, Ashdod and Ashkelon,

Teveria and Chaderah, Afulah and Metullah,

We’re running out of time let’s go back to the rhyme…Chorus


There are many more cities you can learn on your own

Or just study with a friend and pick up the phone

Keep up the learning it will be your guide

You’ll give your parents nachas and pride!


It’s been great to sing to you

About the place for every Jew

Don’t lose your emunah keep the faith

And your aliyah dream will be set in place.


So now boys and girls we’re almost done

This third kids album was loads of fun

Make sure you sing along with me

And we’ll see you in Israel very shortly.  Chorus…