Into the Sea Download

Parody of Under the Sea – Little Mermaid

Pharoh listen to me, the Egyptian world, it’s a mess. Life
in the desert is better than anything you’ve got here.

You see we don’t want to be here there’s so much that we can take.
Our people have been mistreated, that was a big mistake.
the world that you see around you – soon it will be no more.
So now I have come to warn you, we want to go out the door.

Into the Sea, Into the Sea.
Go through the sand and into the land of milk and honey.
In Egypt they work us night and day, So in your land we cannot stay
We’re letting you know our people now must go into the sea.

Joseph came on down to Egypt that is because he was sold.
He saved all Egyptian people because of dreams he foretold.
But now you forgot our people, who saved you from famines fate.
Guess you just did not remember, who put food right on your plate.

Into the sea, Into the sea
Though you may beat us, you can not defeat us, take it from me.
Our sons you threw into a brook, once past de sea we off de hook.
You take de Tzorres, We’ll do da Horas, Into the sea.

Into the sea, Into the sea
Life will be sweet here, we will be free here from slavery.
Say no to pyramids today, let’s go to de desert and let’s pray.
We’ll break your spirit, you’ve got to fear it Into de sea.

The Blood will be red, the fish will be dead,
The Frogs will be hopping all over your bed.
The Lice, and then Beasts, a Pestilent Feast,
Let Our People Go.

Boils hurt your skin, the Hail won’t be thin
the Locusts eat crops, the Darkness is in.
Your First Born will die, and Pharoh you’ll cry.
Let Our People Go.

Into the sea,Into the sea,
when Nachshon jumps in we won’t have to swim just walk rapidly.
Tell Miriam to lead the band.
We’re going to the holy land.
Each little tribe A path will divide here into da sea.
When we get through here we’ll sing Az Yashir into da sea.
No time for baking just matzoh we’re taking
We’ll think banana when we eat de manna
Dont follow us here or you will get stuck here into da sea.