Im Yirtzeh Hashem By Dear

11. M’yirtzah Hashem By Dear
Written by Lenny Solomon

My Brother got engaged just the other day,
I used to think it’s great but now I guess it’s just OK.
You see the troubles all began, and I remember it real clear
When Mr. Schwartz came up to me and said M’yirtzah Hashem By Dear.

Chorus M’yirtzah Hashem By Dear,M’yirtzah Hashem By Dear.
You say it’s a blessing so why am I quivering with fear.
With just five simple words I’m in a panic state.
So just throw me off a cliff next time, or leave me to vegetate

Bubbe Esther sat me down and said to me well Nu?
There are so many people in this world – like 15 million Jews
You can’t find one? What’s wrong with you – What’s wrong with her or she?
I ain’t gonna be here forever, so pick one quickly

Now as an older brother, the pressure is unreal
When everyone who meets you on the streets asks,
Shloime, Whats the deal?
Are you going out, Are you seeing someone, Have I a niece for you!
I tell them it’s a process they say I haven’t got a clue

Chorus M’yirtzah Hashem By Dear, M’yirtzah Hashem By Dear.
It makes you smile but brings me close to tears
All you want is a little nachas and for me to join the club
But after 20 years I’ll look like another overweight zhlub.

Many people ask me questions about this single life.
I say I’m still finding myself, they say go find a wife.
You might call me a genuine bum who just can’t take the leap
I say I’m broadening my horizons, they say you’re just too cheap.

So I’ve seen you at Sinai and been to Frumster too
Met with every shadchan from here to Timbukto
Gone to all the single events, Got my CV online
You want me to sign a contract, Nay Nay I will decline

Chorus M’yirtzah Hashem By Dear,M’yirtzah Hashem By Dear.
What a nice bracha, but this takes away the cheer
It seems it is a new torture that everyone can partake.
So rub some salt into the wound then burn me at the stake.

So now I’m asking that you married people show a little care.
The next time you see a single person, these words you should not share.
Cause you never know what will result, and I’m not a Doctor or a seer.
But nervous breakdowns are a direct cause of M’yirtzah Hashem By Dear.

Chorus M’yirtzah Hashem By Dear,M’yirtzah Hashem By Dear.
Does she like country music well then this might be the year
You never know when it will work out so keep looking for that sign.
Just don’t say those dreadful words and everything will be just fine.